Portfolio: Company Naming, Product Naming, Service Naming

It must be reflective of the brand's persona. It must come to a life in a way that's always fresh.
And most of all… it must engage consumers in the whole of their hearts and minds.


technology naming
Ingredient branding for a line of consumer air purification products.

American Heritage

retail store naming
Brand name for a retail outlet offering unpainted furniture in traditional styling.

Apaneca Rainforest Coffee

beverage naming
Single origin coffee grown in the volcanic region of El Salvador.


health and beauty naming
Eco-friendly bath and body company and products.

BrightWing Home Health

healthcare naming
Healthcare provider offering at-home care.

Cafique Caribbean Grill

restaurant naming
Quick-serve restaurant serving a variety of Caribbean cuisine.


category naming
Category name for nature-based, earth-friendly technologies and health solutions.


supplement naming
Brand and product naming for dietary supplement that helps replace vital enzymes lost when food is cooked.

Forté Recruiting

company naming
Corporate naming for employment placement/ recruiting company.

Heartland Select

beverage naming
Naming for bottled muscadine juice sold for its benefits as a nutritional supplement.

I.T. Allies

technology naming
Company naming for outsourced IT services.

Kasper Dips

food brand naming
Naming and tagline development for hummus brand.

Mary McClary's Very Berry Pie

food and beverage naming
International restaurant chain dessert menu item naming.

Nexxus Rewards

technology naming
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program centered around emerging cryptocurrency technologies.


medical food naming
Meal replacement product for patients preparing for bariatric surgery.

Orleans Street Kitchen

food and beverage naming
Naming for consumer packaged frozen food brand.

SalesBooster Pro

service naming
Structured program to guide sales teams toward increasing their profit potential.

Marché SoBel

food and beverage naming
Boutique retail market specializing in authentic French ingredients, packaged goods, and culinary accessories.

Silk Square Tea Company

food and beverage naming
Retail naming for a store selling loose tea.


technology naming
Naming for app-hosting company that connects personal, family, health and business productivity.

Vital9 Cereal

food and beverage naming
Packaged goods naming for cereal that includes 9 ingredients recognized as superfoods.


company naming
Renamed multi-level-marketing company offering people an improved lifestyle.

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